Your Agreement With Eui Limited

If you wish to remove something from your policy, EUI Limited will charge a fee to cover the cost of amending the directive. If your policy is re-enacted due to changes to your policy, EUI Limited will collect a fee for this service. To cancel your coverage, please contact us. If you cancel your insurance coverage within 14 days of purchase, EUI Limited charges the cost of setting up and cancelling your policy. If you wish to cancel your insurance, please contact. If you cancel after the 14-day cooling-off period expires, but before the end of your coverage, EUI Limited will charge the installation and cancellation fee. If you have more than one item on the cover, you may have received a discount on the total cost, the withdrawal of items during the lifetime means that you lose your discount and that your total premium will be adjusted for all remaining items. Changes made due to inaccuracies in your identified policy information will not result in the cancellation of your policy, but a $5 fee will be charged if you have included engine policy upgrades. Vehicle (Plug – Drive) – 50.00 euros will be refunded if the unit is returned within 30 days of cancellation Admiral is a trade name of EUI Limited. In addition to your insurance with authorized insurers, you have a separate agreement with EUI Limited, which manages the policy.

This agreement includes certain insurance intermediation services provided to you in addition to other services that EUI Limited may provide on behalf of licensed insurers. If you or someone acting for you presents false information to you lightly or intentionally during the policy that caused your insurance to be cancelled and a claim has been claimed, Ford Insure will not return any premiums. In all other cases, EUI Limited collects an intermediate fee for the costs of setting up your policy and confirming the nullity. If a right has been invoked, Ford Insure also deducts all reimbursement fees. Only third-party coverage is the minimum coverage provided by law. AA Insure pays the third party if you are involved in an accident, but it will not compensate you as an insurance taker if your car is damaged. If your car is repaired in a licensed garage, you will receive a courtesy car. If you wish to terminate your policy, you should contact us. If you terminate your policy after the 14-day cooling-off period expires, or before its term expires, EUI Limited will charge an intermediate fee to cover the cost of setting up your policy and arrange a cancellation.

The insurer will also make a tax for time on coverage. If a right has been invoked, the full premium is due for the year.


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