Sample Call Option Agreement

The agreement should clearly define the scope of the appeal option agreement (for example.B. the agreement should define the exact number of option shares). Before executing an appeal option agreement, the parties must consider other business documents to determine whether additional authorizations are required. An appeal option agreement generally contains standard statements from each party that the performance and execution of the contract is not contrary: the company may grant the appeal option for the issuance of new shares or a shareholder for the transfer of existing shares. A beneficiary (an option holder) and a donor (the existing company or shareholder) are parties to the option agreement. The fellow may be a natural or legal person. The proposal assumes that both parties are individuals. However, this can be changed if one or both parties are businesses. The model also assumes that the consideration for grantee`s purchase of the shares will be in cash and that the option itself will be granted in exchange for nominal consideration, for example. B 1 USD.

There are no conditions attached to the exercise of the option; these should be added if necessary. It is therefore important that all authorizations be taken into account when joining an appeal option agreement is considered. An appeal option agreement is for the funder (also known as the «option holder») to grant the right, but not the obligation to buy shares in a company. The option generally applies through a predetermined number of shares at a certain price (sometimes referred to as «exercise» or «strike price»). If the option holder does not exercise his right for a certain period of time, the option (and associated rights) will be extinguished. Below are the most important terms, which generally include an appeal option agreement between the fellow and the funder. As the name suggests, this is the date the call option takes effect. This may be the day the fellow signs the call option agreement at another predetermined date in the future.

The effective date should not be confused with the exercise date (i.e. .dem date on which the appeal option holder exercises the appeal option). The expiry date is the last day of the option period, the period during which the option holder can exercise the call option. As a general rule, the call option agreement expires on the expiry date. The appeal option agreement can also be structured so that it ends with the arrival of other particular circumstances as defined by the parties.


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