National Car Rental Agreement Jacket

Please note that most auto insurance outside Costa Rica does not offer insurance coverage in Costa Rica. Liability insurance acquired on third-party travel sites is not an acceptable form of coverage. Employees of the local car rental company are not qualified to assess the suitability of the customer`s personal insurance coverage. The tenant must contact his insurance before arrival if he has any questions about his specific insurance coverage. In addition, if the tenant provides acceptable proof of current coverage in Costa Rica and rejects both CDW-TP and NPP, the tenant is responsible for the full value of the damage or loss of the vehicle`s vehicle and an additional authorization on the tenant`s credit card will be taken at the time of the $500 rent plus the estimated cost of the rent. Customers with credit cards issued by a Costa Rican bank who wish to refuse CDW must present written proof of the rental vehicle`s coverage. Non-collision – Theft protection (CDW-TP) is not insurance. The purchase of CDW-TP is optional to rent a vehicle in Costa Rica or the customer can purchase The National Protection Package (NPP) which includes CDW-TP. If you purchase CDW-TPs, the owner contractually waives your liability for all or part of the costs related to damage, loss or theft of the vehicle during the rental period in Costa Rica, unless you disinfirm coverage in accordance with the lease agreement. A deductible of up to $1000 for CDW and a $2,000 deductible for theft protection apply.


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