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The apprenticeship agreement is not always respected at the first attempt. And there are several reasons for the treatment. First, it may be the unavailability of the current course offer, so students must depend on the previous offer to complete the document. Another complication may arise if the course does not open, which the student often only discovers at a foreign university. Sometimes it is possible to exceed the dates of selected programs or a foreign university does not list enough capacity for the selected course. LA can be modified even if one student does not like the course and wants to replace it with another. During your stay, simply e-mail the changes approved by the vice-dean. The concept of an apprenticeship agreement is called a contract between a student and the two universities, what an outgoing student will study and how the subjects will be recognized upon their return. The L.A. model is available on the faculty`s website.

The subjects examined and Table B of the group, in which the credits obtained are later recognized, are shown in Table A. This is easily discovered by students in reviewing their curriculum in InSIS. When recognising the compulsory materials, it is necessary to consult the Sylla tapes with the guarantors of the subjects at Ve and then obtain their signature in LA. It is necessary to pay special attention to what you want to learn abroad and how it relates to the field of your studies. But the credit burden must also be equal. So don`t waste credits before your trip, especially when it comes to industry-specific credits. The requirements for diploma level credits abroad vary from faculty to faculty. For example, the Faculty of International Relations requires a student to provide, ideally, thirty credits, but at least 24 credits from abroad. Twenty credits are sufficient in other faculties, but the burden of 30 credits is optimal. From the point of view of everything, just take care of LA just before departure.

However, it also depends on whether the document that the foreign school should receive at the same time as the application or when it has a deadline for enrolling courses. It is therefore sometimes necessary to settle the study contract several months before the start of studies abroad.


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