Georgia Prenuptial Agreement Laws

In Georgia, marital agreements are both called antenuptial iron agreements and «marriage items.» According to the status covered in the table below, «the article of marriage» refers to an antenuptial agreement reached by two persons who are now married and who are «considering future regulation». With respect to determining the applicability of a conjugal agreement, the Georgia Supreme Court established three criteria in Scherer v. Scherer from 1982. In order to determine whether a matrimonial agreement is enforceable or not, the court will decide whether the agreement: A lawyer`s review of a conjugal or post-puptial agreement is essential to ensure that the document meets your needs, and also that it is declared valid and enforceable in court if it is ever necessary. At Buckhead Family Law, we negotiate, design and verify marital and postuptial agreements with a close eye. We take the time and attention to understand your needs and make sure you get the deal you want. Call our family practice at 404-600-1403 to discuss your marriage or post-uptial agreement with a competent and experienced pre-contract lawyer in Atlanta. Another typical reason why many couples opt for a prenupe is that one or both people have been married before and have suffered a difficult divorce. Even if the previous divorce was consensual, they can have children from the previous marriage and they want to make sure that the new marriage does not cut those children to their inheritance. With a marriage agreement, they can protect themselves from another fight in the courtroom if the marriage gets upset, while ensuring that the outcome of the divorce orders matches their needs. Note: State laws can always be changed through new laws, decisions in higher courts (including federal decisions), election initiatives and other means. While we strive to provide the latest information available, please contact a lawyer or conduct your own legal research to verify the state laws you are doing.

We advise you to create a marriage pact well in front of your wedding date, so that you and your intention to plan and ensure that romance is not taken out of the big day. Each party should keep a lawyer to protect its interests. A marital agreement is a practical way to address important issues in a marriage that ensures the safety and peace of mind of both spouses. Pre-marriage agreements must be carefully crafted by a competent and experienced lawyer from the Atlanta Pre-Wedding Society to ensure that they are valid and applicable if they are ever needed. Keep reading about why many couples choose to enter into a marriage or post-uptial agreement in Georgia and contact Buckhead Family Law if you are in the Atlanta area and consider the benefits of a prenupe in your next marriage. Post-nuptial agreements are gaining popularity as financial instruments for already married couples. These agreements (sometimes simply called marriage contracts) are often used to make financial decisions such as setting budgets or separating the commercial assets and liabilities of a spouse from the couple`s finances.


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