Uk Norway Reciprocal Health Agreement

The United Kingdom manages reciprocal healthcare, including the payment of medical expenses abroad, on behalf of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. As a general rule, the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme does not cover healthcare costs during tourist stays outside the EEA or Switzerland. For such trips, you should therefore take out private travel insurance. In addition, the UK reimburses other Member States for the state-funded healthcare element for certain groups known as `UK insureds` who do not have to pay local taxes: these reciprocal agreements are not influenced by future negotiations between the UK and the EU. As a general rule, you must present your British passport instead of an EEC. If you have an accident at work, Helfo can cover the full cost of your treatment. Before you travel to the UK, check to see if your family members are also entitled to free healthcare in England. If you are a family member of a frontier worker, you can receive free NHS treatment if it becomes medically necessary during a temporary visit to England. However, you must be able to provide a copy of your S1 form. Beyond bilateral agreements, it is difficult to predict what exact agreements will be concluded for British nationals in other Member States, while we continue to have our technical discussions with them.

This is due to the different nature of each country`s health system. In the face of this uncertainty, UK insured persons living in the EU should be prepared to deal with possible permanent changes in access to healthcare. It is important to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers emergency medical care and related costs. The current EHIC rules are not an alternative to travel insurance, as some health-related costs, including medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment and non-urgent treatment, are not covered. Learn more about what your travel insurance should cover. UK-funded protection may be necessary if the EU or member state refuses to enter into agreements with the UK or refuses to offer full protection under national law to insured persons in the UK. In addition, some Member States do not fund healthcare for those who follow the healthcare registration process. In order to protect as much as possible persons insured in the United Kingdom, the UK Government will continue to fund healthcare for the duration of the registration period at the end of the six months, if this MS has not funded healthcare for that period (up to one year) and if the person has taken steps to register in accordance with local deadlines and no later than six months after the withdrawal date. This will ensure adequate coverage in case of delays or lengthy registration processes. When a person insured in the UK leaves their country of residence to travel to another country, they must take out comprehensive travel insurance as their CEE is not valid. Check with your health insurance fund to find out to what extent your health insurance covers your family members.

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