Too Much Agreement In An Organization Can Be As Harmful As No Agreement

There is a wide variety of staff behaviors that can create risks for others and the organization. Some general categories and examples are as follows: conflicts that concern organizations can occur within individuals, between individuals and between groups. Conflicts within working groups are often caused by struggles for control, status and limited resources. Conflicts between groups in organizations have similar origins. The constructive solution of these conflicts can most often be achieved through a rational problem-solving process, combined with the willingness to explore and listen to problems and alternatives. [1] Office novels can be a cause of conflict in the workplace. In one survey, 96% of staff professionals and 80% of executives said that workplace romances were dangerous because they could lead to conflict within the organization. This level of conflict can be beneficial for a team or organization, as it allows individuals to compare or analyze without emotional overlay. Level 2 is a misunderstanding in which two people understand the situation differently. Misunderstandings are common and can be minor, but they can also get worse when the stakes are high. If there are negative consequences like missed events or commitments, people tend to blame each other and each other, which adds negative emotions to the situation.

If misunderstandings are frequent, it may indicate communication problems. Level 3 is a disagreement; These are times when people have different opinions about the situation, and although they understand the other`s position, they are uncomfortable with the difference. This level can also easily escalate if ignored. Level 4 is discord. In these cases, a conflict creates relationship problems between the people involved, even after a particular conflict has been resolved. .


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