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In April of the same year, Time Warner sold 51 percent of its stake in the company to Boston Ventures for $1 billion. The deal, as Six Flags spokeswoman Eileen Harrell O`Brien said, was announced as a «Best of both Worlds» decision, which allowed the company to become «a self-financing entity» while maintaining its «access to time Warner`s large stock of real estate.» Although Time Warner remained the company`s largest sole shareholder and planned to run the company with Boston Ventures, Pittman, who helped the company increase the annual number of visitors to 22 million, quickly left the company. Larry D. Bouts, former President of Toys `R`Us International, was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Six Flags Theme Parks in September 1995. In 1999, the Prime Minister announced that he would invest $200 million in improvements to his 25 national parks. Recipients included Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey; Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas; Six St. Louis flags; And Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas. The biggest expansions took place at Six Flags Great Adventure. The $42 million renovation represented the largest one-year investment ever made in the park. The addition of 25 new rides has increased the number of rides in the park by 50 per cent.

Premier unveiled «Medusa,» the world`s first bottomless roller coaster, on the Six Flags Great Adventure in 1999. The thrill-hungry attraction was a huge «super cool, falling to over 60 miles per hour due to rotations, twists and turns, and sudden falls. Unlike traditional roller coasters where passengers ride above or below the line, Medusa drivers have been suspended between the tracks with nothing above or below them. With the addition of Medusa, Six Flags Great Adventure had 13 roller coasters, more than any other park on the East Coast. There were also significant developments with the two business parks, which were owned by limited partnerships and were managed solely by Six Flags Theme Parks. In March 1997, the company entered into an agreement to manage Six Flags Over Georgia until 2026. The company also offered to acquire Georgia Park for $US 250 million, but only about 25 percent of the partners sold their shares. Six Flags Theme Parks, however, has been granted the right to purchase additional partners each year and all remaining partners in 2027. In December 1997, the company entered into a similar agreement with the Six Flags Over Texas partnership.

About one-third of Texas partners sold their shares to the company after Six Flags offered to buy the park for $400 million. The series of negotiations that led to the Texas deal was a long affair and eventually affected Premier Parks, who bravely tried to take over the leadership of Six Flags Over Texas. Although the offer was not successful, Premier`s direction was sung during negotiations in the Six Flags channel, which led directly to Premier`s acquisition of Six Flags Theme Parks. On October 2, 2019, Reuters reported that Six Flags Entertainment Corporation had made a takeover offer to competitor Cedar Fair. Sources said Cedar Fair was considering Six Flags` cash-and-stock offering, but there was no certainty that a deal would be reached. [63] On October 4, 2019, Cedar Fair rejected six Flags` offer to purchase. [64] To address Six Flags` problems, Premier planned to cut costs and expand and improve its new fleets. The company closed Six Flags` headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, and cut 450 full-time jobs. Prime Minister had only 35 employees at the company level, most of them at the Oklahoma City headquarters, although there was only a small staff in a New York office that handled financial operations. .

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