Schwab Brokerage Account Agreement

Automatic reinvestment of your eligible cash distributions may provide you with partial share shares of securities that we calculate to four decimal places. You are entitled to dividends that are proportional to your stock of partial shares. When an account is transferred, when a share is reorganized, or when share certificates are ordered in an account, sub-share positions that cannot be transferred or reorganized are liquidated at prevailing prices. Partial shares cannot be issued from an account in the form of a certificate. No commission is charged on these transactions. Timing is at our discretion. You also have the right to obtain voting rights and voting rights in relation to your partial shares, except in the case of certain types of corporate restructurings. In the case of mandatory corporate restructurings, your partial shares will be processed according to the terms of the respective reorganization. When you send your message, we consider it the post-sealed date (or, if sent by registered letter or registered letter, the date of certification or registration), if you properly drop it off in the U.S. Post Office with a first-class port. Your termination is only valid if Schwab receives your notification within seven days. If Schwab changes its disclosure statement or ira within the seven-day period, Schwab will notify you of the change and give you the opportunity to revoke your consent for an additional period of seven days. If your IRA is revoked, you will be entitled to full restitution of the contribution you made to your IRA, without penalty, service fees, administrative fees or other reductions.


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