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The NHL/CHL deal is terrible, and they should get rid of it. For players in the European league, the signing window depends on both age and country, depending on whether the country`s ruling Hockey Federation has a transfer contract with the National Hockey League. They also renewed the NHL`s existing agreement with the Canadian Hockey League (OHL, WHL, QMJHL). This means that the fact that players who have been removed from the CHL qualify for LH games before the age of 20 will not change anything. Corey Pronman of The Athletic (subscription required) recently asked Scouts if it was appropriate to change the agreement; 60% of people who think this should be the case, but all changes have to wait at least another year. Another example of a player who has probably suffered from the current deal is Barrett Hayton of the Arizona Coyotes. He is currently with the NHL team, but he has only played in 20 games. Hayton has only recently been able to stay in his position. Part of it was due to an injury he suffered at the World Junior Championship, but between the start of the season and the end of November, Hayton was only used in 14 out of 27 games.

Against the top teams in the CHL, the Thornhill, Ont. native scored 13 points in just three Memorial Cup games. His performance in the juniors this season has sparked some discussion about the NHL/NHL deal, as if Marner doesn`t shred the Maple Leafs next season, he should return to the Knights instead of joining the AHL`s Toronto Marlies. There is an agreement between the NHL and the Canadian Hockey League (Canadian Hockey League, the top organization under which the OHL, WHL and QMJHL are located), which consists primarily of protecting the NHL. The rule is as follows: the NHL and the NHL have reached an agreement that provides that a player who has been drained from one of the three NHL leagues will not join his NHL club at the beginning of a season, that he must return to the great junior team of which he was selected. The AHL is not an option for CHL players until they are 20 years old. It would be nice if it were easier for guys who have NHL contracts to go back to the NHL. It seems that for most veterinarians, signing an AHL contract is a point with no return in their careers, much more than similar deals in other sports…


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