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You can register with all participating owners via a CHR application form. After processing, your data will be passed on to one of these homeowners who have excessive properties that meet your housing needs. The 15 landlords have their own allocation policies and, although the CHR form registers your interest in each of their apartments, they may be required to contact you directly for more information in accordance with their allocation policy. «After the visit, the candidates agreed to accept the lease, so we emailed them the lease. I gave them an appointment at the accommodation when they arrived in the country to hand over the keys – it was great to meet them in person, and they were delighted that the property was exactly as they expected. East Dunbartonshire`s Common Housing Register (CHR) is a combined list for social housing of the 15 registered social landlords (RSLs) in this area. They all have access to information on other housing stocks. Bield Housing and Care is committed to supporting this year`s celebration of Scottish Housing Day, which highlights the difference social housing makes in communities across the country. «Bield is committed to digital transformation and has implemented various measures to implement it, from signing the CET in the Housing Charter to committing to maintaining the right infrastructure and cooperating with clients to understand exactly what they want. Scott Robertson, Bield Housing Officer for the East, said: «Social media is a big part of our lives, we weren`t really surprised that it`s the preferred method of communication when people want to rent or buy real estate, especially if you live on the other side of the world. Val Hunter, Director of Business Development, said: «Our mission is to constantly adapt and change to provide the best housing and services to meet the needs of Scotland`s aging population.

The WhatsApp flat view was a way forward to see a potential customer`s ownership comfortably from home and in a comfortable way for them. Social housing is in deficit and the «Chr» approach helps us to better assess housing needs in this area. It gives us a better understanding of the real demand, the first applicants and the existing tenants looking for a transfer. A married couple has moved into a new home in Edinburgh after making an innovative real estate tour via WhatsApp from South Africa thanks to the employees of housing provider Bield. «This WhatsApp visit was made after I contacted one of the candidates on our list of apartments for empty real estate, and I discovered that they were living in South Africa. If you need more information, please contact the Housing Policy Team A «reciprocal exchange» is available to exchange your home with another tenant. You should use the Home Swapper site to create a mutual exchange application. You need your landlord`s permission before exchanging real estate and their additional information in the Reciprocal Exchange Guide.

You have the right to exchange your home with another tenant in East Dunbartonshire or with the tenant of another qualified landlord. You can print and complete a mutual exchange request that must be signed and returned to one of our offices. Find out why we get in touch with this owner, what to do and what information they need to send us. Read this annual statement from renters to find out if it meets regulatory standards.


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