Autm License Agreement

J. Compensation: The licensee compensates the university, its employees, agents, etc. for all claims, procedures, claims and debts of any kind. The university may also require the policyholder to receive certain amounts of product liability insurance before the commercial sale or use of a product. For the university, it is necessary to carefully consider the potential effects of the granting of exclusive or ownership rights or the obligation of confidentiality on its ability to publish or present research conducted in the context of inter-professional cooperation. These considerations include provisions that may require a delay in publishing or prior authorization to publish results beyond normal academic practice. As a general rule, the industrial partner`s interest in the protection of intellectual property resulting from cooperation may have the right to verify, delete and delete protected information and to require a reasonable period (usually no more than 90 d) of a proposed submission or publication for the purposes of the patent application. To this end, it is important to take into account the interaction of different provisions of the agreement which, in practice, may over-limit publication rights. For example, the agreement could offer the industrial partner a 6MB option to negotiate an exclusive license for new inventions. However, such option rights may delay publication if the agreement also prevents the university from carrying out an activity during the option period that could affect the scope of what it might concede, for example by publishing its research prior to the filing of a patent application. However, the university cannot ignore the fact that the achievement of this task depends on ongoing funding. Therefore, if the university shares the long-term goal of successful commercialization, it will also strive to obtain a fair share of revenues. An effective licensing agreement takes into account the total added value that the university puts on the table.

This includes not only the specific expertise of the investigators, but also the benefits that the industrial partner obtains from the investments in personnel and infrastructure that the university has brought to the development of its research capabilities. Even if the payment structure and obligations of the licensing agreement are sufficiently understood and described, payment disputes may arise when the agreement does not adequately describe the rights and obligations relating to registrations and audits. As a result, licensing agreements generally require the keeping of complete and accurate books and records in order to verify royalties and other payments, both for the duration of the agreement and for a reasonable period of time thereafter.


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