Ampla Royalty Agreement

This example contract is intended to be used in non-complex mining projects in French-speaking Africa, mainly in open pit mines. It can be adapted for deep mining at the bottom. It is a basic service agreement covering all or part of the development of mines and an ongoing mining operation. The example has pro forma calendars that reflect a typical manual of contractor operations, which are provided only as an example. In a particular case, a party may have its own clauses, schedules or forms that may be included in the corresponding part of the agreement. The example of the «Farm-in» (Minerals) agreement should be used as a stand-alone agreement in relation to minerals exploration JVA – Two Party with Farmin Provisions. It assumes that the owner owns 100% of the rental properties and that he exploits all or part of the area of the rental properties. To earn his stake in the rental houses, the purchaser pays all exploration costs and (possibly) reimbursement of expenses spent during the salary period. Example farmout agreements in single party versions and several parts are agreements that must be used in conjunction with exploration-JVA – Three Party. They assume that there is an existing joint enterprise agreement covering all rental properties and that one (or more) of the joint ventures is in whole or part of abroad. To earn a stake in the joint venture, the purchaser funds the owner`s costs during the salary period and (possibly) reimbursement of past expenses, including rental properties. The multi-party version provides for a change of direction of the joint venture. The Farmout agreement can also be used as a basis for disclosure of the offer for pre-purchase purposes under the joint venture agreement.

There are also examples of optional alternatives and clauses that fit perfectly into a basic example, which can be used as additional or alternative clauses with any example, as needed. These examples of agreements are written in the form of ancillary documents for mining JVAs. They can be used with a minimum modification with a common oil and gas contract. For example, withholding and accepting deductions result in the formal transfer of a joint venture interest in a farmin or farmout contract as soon as interest is earned or sold. Examples of supporting documents are intended to be used in conjunction with and as a facility under the AMPLA-Example Farm-in or Farmout (Minerals) agreement.


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